Alive Apologetics' exclusive interview with author Parker J Coleon her new Book "DARK CHERUB."

AA:Why horror? Isn't that a little odd for a Christian book?
Parker J Cole:
Why not? If a slew of movies can be made about man who puts people through sadistic games in order to teach them the value of their lives, then it shouldn't be a problem to use the same genre to bring about a message. Abortion is horrible. What it does to children is horror personified. It astounds me that a child’s life is up for debate.

AA:Why did you write this book?
Parker J Cole:
I wrote this book in reaction to a very good friend of mine who had had an abortion. I was eighteen at the time. I remember being surprised that she chose to do this and the book was born from that reaction. At that moment, it became clear to me that she had used abortion as a form of birth control.

AA:What do you hope a person would take away from reading, Dark Cherub?
Parker J Cole: I hope they would take away the idea that everyone should have a chance of life. Man, woman, and child. No one should take that away. I would also hope that my book can be used to show that even though a woman has had abortions in the past, that God will forgive her.

AA:What about the scenario of saving the mother's life?
Parker J Cole: There will be and have been situations where a mother's life is threatened and abortion is the only alternative. However, the millions of abortion performed every year are not medical emergencies or a last effort to save the mother. They are simply choices.

AA:Did you learn anything from this book?
Parker J Cole:
 One thing I learned in researching this book is that more than fifty percent of African American children are aborted every year. This number is disproportionate among any other ethnic group. More abortion clinics are in areas where the demographics are largely African American. And in essence, African Americans are wiping themselves out before they even have a chance to be born. As an African American, this disturbed me.

AA:How long did take for you to write this book?
Parker J Cole:
 Ten years. As I grew and matured, so did the book. When I first wrote it, it did not start off as a Christian novel. I was writing my thoughts as a reaction to what my friend had done. But over the years, new ideas came and presented themselves. I also know the Lord helped me write this book. In this way, I can be a part of the pro-life movement. There are those friends of mine who stand in front of clinics, and others work in the legislative arena to strive to protect life. If my book can be used to save one child, then it’s worth it.

AA: Is there a sequel in the works?
Parker J Cole:
 I hadn’t planned on writing a sequel. But a well-known figure, whose name and quote I will use in the sequel, made a comment that flabbergasted and challenged me. In that moment, the sequel, Dark Cherub: Breath, was born. I am looking at a 2013 release.

First page excerpt from Dark Cherub by Parker J Cole ...
Inky black shadows the width of a thread wormed their way across the concrete.The night veiled their presence, making them imperceptible to the naked eye.
Mutely, they wended their way toward her as She briskly walked through a nearly vacant parking lot. She passed under the light of a lone lamppost.
As they drew closer, the shadows merged with the concrete. She was unaware of the shadowy black splotches swiftly approaching. At the edge of her shoe, they
disappeared from the surface of the concrete.
She began to feel an uncomfortable sensation along the inside of both feet. It trekked up her leg. When it began to crawl over her body, She dropped her purse.
She looked down. Black splotches moved vertically on her body. At the exact moment that she would have screamed, one of the splotches entered her mouth, covering her tongue in a black fi lm. No sound issued from her mouth.
The sensation morphed. It was as if She was being stabbed by thousands of ants. The black splotches covered her arms, her legs … were they on her face, too?
Then, as the soundless scream continued, the splotch-covered woman vanished. In the place where She had stood, a whisper caressed the night.